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"Betty and I have served together for years, first on the session of our church, and most recently on the City of Roswell's Design Review Board where she was diligent and contributed fairly and impartially."
John Carruth
Chairman, Roswell Design Review Board
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Roswell is a great place to live and work. Our history and natural beauty are assets we should enhance and preserve. As a council member, I promise to work diligently to be informed, to listen to all viewpoints, and deliberate carefully in all matters that come before us. I ask for your support and your vote.

During this time of many economic challenges, we must focus on reducing the burden on homeowners and small businesses. Roswell must continue to attract tourism and economic vitality to our area. Mayor and council must be able to articulate a vision and set sound policy for the city. We must be diligent to oversee and account for the city operations. We must manage the resources wisely and remain fiscally responsible by working toward best government practices with professionalism and civility.